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Cody Vrosh is a self-taught freelance illustrator and painter.  His depictions of dark and whimsical companionships attempt to express the aspects of one's personality that we typically hide from the world. With an emphasis on experimentation, his fine lines and chaotic ink patterns have graced such diverse surfaces as hand-cut burned wood and coffee-stained paper.

In 2007, he founded Binary Winter Press, an independent book press and eco-friendly screen printing workshop.  His books include The Irrelevant Redemption: A Steampunk Fairytale, Ash & Ember, Gasmask A Day (a collection of images from his Gasmask A Day blog series, /ROOT + Whim (vol 0001), and most recently, Coffee Creatures, collecting his paintings in coffee & watercolor. Clients include Modern Eden Gallery, The Museum of Edgar Allan Poe, The Razor Skyline, and Mission: Comics & Art.

He currently works and resides in a detached netherspace near the SF Bay Area with his wife and co-conspirator, Sheatiel Sarao. He's passionate about animal rights, robot rights and makes a mean vegan cheesecake. He exhibits his work at art galleries and comic book conventions across the country.


The Android's Astrological Companion

Coffee Creatures:
The Coffee & Watercolor Paintings of Cody Vrosh

/ROOT + Whim
Volume 0002

/ROOT + Whim
Volume 0001

The Gasmask A Day Project

Ash & Ember
Written by Sheatiel Sarao, Illustrations by Cody Vrosh

The Irrelevant Redemption
Written by Sheatiel Sarao, Illustrations by Cody Vrosh

Sketchbooks 1 & 2

Selected Clients & Galleries:
Mission: Comics & Art
Modern Eden Gallery
Poe Museum
Science Museum of Minnesota
Comics Unlimited
The Razor Skyline
Cartoon Art Museum