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Cody Vrosh Bio

Cody Vrosh

Speculative Illustrator. Watercolor Painter. Creator of Creatures.

Cody Vrosh is an artist and illustrator based in California. He works in a graphic watercolor style, fusing science fiction elements with bold women and playful creatures to create a unique brand of speculative illustration. Cody usually starts his day out with TED talks and ends evenings with nature documentaries, and somewhere in between the ideas he gleans from them coalesce into art that reflects optimism towards our future while holding on to reverence for our present.

His clients include Sideshow Collectibles/Court of the Dead, Famous Monsters/American Gothic Press, Ravendesk Games, San Francisco State University, and the Museum of Edgar Allan Poe. He exhibits his art at comic book conventions and art galleries across the country. Past gallery exhibitions include Modern Eden Gallery, LTD Art Gallery, Autobody Fine Art, and Mission Comics & Art. He received the Judge's Choice Award at the 2018 Worldcon (World Science Fiction Convention) Art Show.

Cody is the co-founder of Binary Winter Press, an independent book and screen printing press. He works and resides in a detached netherspace near the SF Bay Area with his wife writer Sheatiel Sarao and zero cats. He is passionate about animal rights, robot rights and makes a mean vegan cheesecake.


For inquiries regarding illustration projects and art commissions, please send Cody a message via the form below or email him directly at


The People I've Been (Forthcoming 2024)



Meowter Space



The Book of Teeth: The Teeth Creatures of Cody Vrosh

Mind Rabbits

The Zodiac of Teeth

The Android's Astrological Companion

/Root + Whim Volumes 1-3

Coffee Creatures: The Coffee and Watercolor Paintings of Cody Vrosh

The Gasmask A Day Project

Ash & Ember

The Irrelevant Redemption

Other Published Works

Hannibal: Artbook

(Anthology. Printed in Blood)

Halloween: Artbook

(Anthology. Printed in Blood)

Aliens: Artbook

(Anthology. Printed in Blood/Titan Books)

Firefly: Artbook

(Anthology. Printed in Blood)

Ghostbusters: Artbook

(Anthology. Printed in Blood/Insight Editions)


Visions from the Upside Down: Stranger Things Artbook

(Anthology. Printed in Blood/Del Rey Books)

Tales from the Acker-Mansion

(Anthology. Famous Monsters/American Gothic Press)

The Harcourt Legacy

(Issue 2 Variant Cover. Action Lab Comics)

Union St. Choir

(Issue 2 Variant Cover. Empire Comics)

Takes 2 to Funk

(Album Art. Farnell Newton & The Othership Connection)


(Album Art. Prophets of the New Machine)

Desert of the Real

(Album Art. Desert of the Real)

Dark Water Oasis

(Album Art. The Razor Skyline)

Color Ink Book Volume 19

(Color Ink Book)

Monsters & Dames Art Book 2020, 2019, 2018, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013

(Annual Art Book. Emerald City Comic Con)



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